May God bless you
Actors and actresses
42.Lisa Ray
Model & actress
43.Hrithik Roshan
Bollywood actor
44.Subrata Routh
Bengali-American actor
45.Reena Roy
Bollywood actress
46.Debashree Roy
Bollywood actress
47.Deep Roy
Hollywood Actor
48.Rohit Roy
TV actor
49.Abdur Razzak
Bengali actor
50.Aparna Sen
Bengali film actress
52.Nandana Sen
Bollywood actress
53.Raima Sen
Bengali Film & Bollywood actress
54.Reema Sen
Bollywood & Kollywood actress
55.Rimi Sen
Bollywood actress
56.Riya Sen
Bollywood actress
57.Suchitra Sen
Bollywood actress
58.Sushmita Sen
Bollywood actress
59.Konkona Sen Sharma
Bollywood Actress
Bangladeshi Actress
Bangladeshi Actress
62.Sharmila Tagore
Bollywood Actress
63.Ruma Guha Thakurta
1.Zainul Abedin
10.Shahabuddin Ahmed
2.Ramkinkar Baij
11.Nandalal Bose
3.Rashid Choudhury
12.Anil Kumar Dutta
4.Quamrul Hassan
13.Syed Jahangir
5.Norah Jones
14.Prosenjit Kundu
6.Paresh Maity
15.Ganesh Pyne
16.Jamini Roy
8.Paritosh Sen
9.SM Sultan
18.Abanindranath Tagore
1.Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)
poet, novelist, essayist
2.Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay (1876-1938)
3.Pramatha Chaudhuri
editor of Sbuj patra,one of the Greatest writer even in the pervasive era of Rabindranath Tagore.
4.Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
a philosopher, academic, educator, writer, translator, printer, publisher, entrepreneur, reformer, and philanthropist of the Bengal Renaissance period.
5.Sukanta Bhattacharya
one of the most honoured poets of Bengali literature
writer of short stories
7.Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay (1894-1950)
8.Manik Bandopadhyay (1908-1956)
novelist, short story writer
9.Tarashankar Bandopadhyay (1898-1971)
10.Satyajit Ray (1921-1992)
Oscar winning Film Director, he was also is well known for his contributions to Bangla literature. He created two of the most famous characters in Bengali: Feluda the sleuth, and Professor Shanku the scientist.
11.Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (1838-1894)
novelist, essayist, penned the Indian National Song of integrity Vande Mataram
    * Krittibas Ojha - medieval Bengali poet,his major contribution to Bangla literature and culture was the translation of the great Indian epic Ramayana to Bangla
Chandidas is perhaps most well known for his strikingly modern assertion Shobar upor manush shotto tahar upore nai (Above all is human, none else)
13.Buddhadeb Bose (1908-1974)
poet, essayist
14.Kumud Ranjan Mullick
one of the most eminent poets of the Tagore era of Bengali literature.
15.Swarnakumari Devi
first among the women writers in Bengali to gain prominence.
16.Nirendranath Chakravarty (b. 1924)
17.Haraprasad Shastri
He is most known for discovering the Charyapada, the earliest known examples of Bengali literature
18.Nirad C. Chaudhuri (1897-1999)
scholar, essayist
19.Sandipan Chattopadhyay (1933-2005)
20.Shakti Chattopadhyay
21.Jibanananda Das (1899-1954)
22.Amit Chaudhuri
currently Professor of Contemporary Literature at the University of East Anglia, 2002 Sahitya Akademi Award for A New World
23.Jhumpa Lahiri
novelist, short story writer, Pulitzer prize winner.
24.Ashapurna Devi (1909-1995)
novelist, short story writer
25.Mahasweta Devi (b. 1926)
novelist, short story writer
26.Michael Madhusudan Dutt (1824-1873)
poet, dramatist

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