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  Earn from Dhupchaya
I've decided to form an educational institute named "Dhupchaya Technical School & College". Three types of student will study here.
       1. Class VI to X (general)
       2. Class VI to X (Technical)
       3. Diploma on Various Subjects
(e.g.-Computer, Civil, Electrical, Telecommunication etc.)

But just now I want to start a school for class Six to Ten. Here I want to inform you that I have been running a Coaching Center Named "Dhupchaya Virtual School" for more than two years. Today there are about fifty students in this Coaching Center. So I am experienced in this sector. However now I need about 3,000$ (2,10,000 tk). So I decided to provide him/her/them 45% share of my new school who will invest the required money for the school. Anyone from home and abroad is invited to invest here. If you are Interested, just contact with me. My details are given below...
                                                                     Uzzwal Dhali
                                                           Phone: 8801914493388

    Thinking about the School...
     -There will have 100 seats for 100 students.
     -20 students for each class.
     -May be the cost will be 15$ (1050 taka) for each students for a month.
     -Class six to ten will be admitted here.
     -5 teachers will work for the school.
     -The school will start at 8.00 am
   -The school will finish the student's all academic task in the school. So the students needn't to go to anyone after school.

How you will be benefited...
I am Giving here an example so that you can Understand. Partha is My younger brother. We passed S.S.C. from the same school. I am one year senior to him and we were in the school hostel together for two years. And our relationship has started and grown then. However I discussed with him about my Plan though he is staying in another city(Barishal). I often communicate with him by the help of internet. He is eager to Invest in my school. I hope he will Invest 300$ (21,000 taka). If he do so then he will be the owner of 4.5% share of my School. And if I earn 1500$ (1,05,000 tk) in a month according to my plane then I think 30% of the earnings will be gone for the teachers and Home Rent. So the remaining 70% or 1050$ (73,500tk) will be the 100% profit. Now I will get the 55% or 539$ (40,425 taka) and Partha will get 44.10$ (3,307.50 taka)against his 4.5% share or 300$ (21,000 taka).

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