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Dhupchaya Group
In this section you will find the information about our organization named "Dhupchaya Group". Dhupchaya Group is formed to spread out the knoledge of a group of Engineers. We are here to help the other people. We want to share our knoledge with you. Bangladesh is a developing country. So the Bangladeshi are not technically well educated. Most of the Bangladeshi Study in a general way. You will find many one who have completed MA degree but he/she does not know how to operate a computer. So we want to erridicate this ignorance of technology from our society. For this we have formed a school to teach other what is technology and how to get benefits from technology. Our next mission is to form a technical school & college and finally a University.

Our School
Our school is situated at Nayarhat and well-known to all. We have about 50 students in our school. We teach them Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Social Science, Biology, English and most importantly Computer. Our students are being skilled on Computer day by day. Most of our students  are 10years-18years and seriously interested on computer. We are trying to provide our best. The guardians are also happy to get this types of service.

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1.Speed up your Computer 1.About Bangladesh
2.ABC of Web Page Designing 2.Tribes in Babgladesh
3.Programming 3. School, College & Versities
4.Tips and Tricks 4.History of Bangladesh
5.Abbreviations 5. Liberation War
6.Computer Study
6. Learn Bangla Language
7.Computer News
7. Bangladeshi Culture
8.Create Marquee 8.Festivals in Bangladesh
9.Hide a Folder More Securely 9. Bangladeshi Games
10.Sticky Keys
10.Notable Bengali People
11.Hide Inactive Icons
11.Bangla Movies
12.Increase Display Quality
13.Rename Administrator
14.Historical Place
14.Change Windows Stratup Sound 15.Bangladeshi Newspapers
15.Shortcut Key 16.Life Style in Bangladesh

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This section is mainly for the Hindu People. We have kept this section to help the Hindu people. One Hindu can ask help to another one from here. One can register here to help other or to get help.

In this section you will get the tips and tricks for the computer. There are many tips and tricks to increase the performance of your computer. You will also learn how to operate a computer more securely. The latest news will be provided here also.

Hindu is an ancient Religion. From this section you will learn about Hindu People & Hinduism. There are many branch in this religion.

Bangladesh is a country of beauty. You can study on Bangladesh from this section. You will be able to know about Bangladesh, Bangladeshi, Their lifestyle, culture, festivals and many more.


You will find Bangla mp3, Video, Movies etc. from Download section. You can also download Bangla Books and Magazines from this section. All books to related your study is given here also. Just go to this section and have more fun.


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Bangladesh is a beautiful country. Bangladesh is world famous for her beauty. You can know about Bangladesh from my site. Here I have written about the beauty of Bangladesh. We are Bangladeshi as we live in Bangladesh. From here you will be able to know more about us, our life style, our culture, our festivals, our games and sports, our language, our history, historical place, wild life, tribal and more.
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